• Membership
    So, are you ready to join us at KRUNCH? You can visit us in person or call us on 01992 76 44 33 to discuss your needs.
  • Cafe
    MUNCH AT CAFE KRUNCH! We're dedicated in helping you to succeed, in the gym, on the treadmill and with your dietary needs too! Our on-site Cafe is open for all to use, grab a coffee and a bagel, sandwiches, or even a full meal. even a full meal. NON MEMBERS WELCOME!
  • Facilities
    We've worked hard to provide the very best in changing facilities. No expense has been spared creating bright, clean and contemporary changing areas, incorporating large lockers in a light and vibrant air conditioned areas, incorporating large lockers in a light and vibrant air conditioned light and vibrant air conditioned environment.
  • Training
    Get motivated & get results with NEALE CRANWELL, WPF MR UNIVERSE! INTRODUCTORY OFFER - Half price personal training only £20*
  • Equipment
    KRUNCH GYM has recently been updated with state-of-the-art equipment, changing facilities and funky decor. NON MEMBERS WELCOME!
  • Classes
    KRUNCH GYM offers a diverse choice in classes, catering for absolute beginners starting out, through to experts who want to hone their skills
  • Beach Ready
    BEACH READY BODY PROGRAM -After the initial Personal Training session, you can have a check-in 30 min session 6 weeks later. All supplements to be purchased via our website or in club endorsed by Neale. Limited availability. Book Now!
  • Help for Heroes 2009
    As a thank you for the tremendous work and effort in protecting our nation and it's people and in support of Military it's people and in support of Military Personnel we are offering FREE MEMBERSHIP (saving £450 per year)
  • Stephen Willmore Hybrid Trainer
    Stephen Willmore Hybrid Trainer What is Hybrid Training? Hybrid Training is a combination of strength training, bodybuilding, and conditioning within a single training program.
  • Muscle-meat.co.uk
    The experienced athletes and fitness professionals in the team at muscle-meat.co.uk understand the importance of a high protein diet and it being your first priority to improve body composition, health and athletic performance. The farmers and butchers of the Muscle Meat team ensure our meat and poultry is of the highest quality possible. All supported by Krunch Gym and Neale Cranwelll